Art Direction, Architecture, Branding

Creative Scope
The NEOM x McLaren Diriyah E-Prix Fan Zone Activation is centered around the theme “Passion Powered Future Forward,” aiming to inspire change towards a sustainable future and showcase the impact of the NEOM x McLaren collaboration. The event focuses on sustainability, innovation, and community engagement through AI activations and cutting-edge technologies. The design approach blends human creativity with technology, offering participatory and collaborative experiences for attendees, especially targeting young Saudis interested in sport and technology.

Summary of the Event:

The event is designed to educate fans about the SIM Racing Programme, increase awareness of NEOM and its partnership with McLaren, and build local fan base and national pride in Saudi Arabia. The experience includes interactive installations such as AI-driven activities, racing simulators, and opportunities for attendees to meet Formula E drivers. Highlights include showcasing the NEOM x McLaren Formula E car, AI driver portraits, racing challenges, and a series of activations that allow attendees to explore the future of sustainable technology and innovation, all within a vibrant, futuristic environment designed to engage and inspire.

Location: Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
Client: McLaren X Formula E, NEOM
Blink Experience Pitch Project